Hypnotherapy Made Simple

The first helpful thing to know about Hypnosis is that many of the ideas you may have about ‘what it is’ or ‘what it isn’t’ may not be true. Here is a snapshot of information that may begin to broaden your understanding.

Hypnosis is a natural everyday state that we move in and out of in our daily living. Whenever you are not ‘analysing’ what you are doing you could say that you are technically ‘in hypnosis’. Other words that may also describe the state of Hypnosis include ‘automatic’, ‘habitual’ or ‘subconscious’. For example, when driving your car and you arrive at your destination with a blurred recall of exactly how you got there, engrossed in a movie and you jump at the scary part as if it was real, or reading a novel and you feel you have become one of the characters. Put simply, Hypnosis occurs when you are in a non-analytical state and not paying full attention to what you are experiencing.

Hypnotherapy is not meditation, guided imagery, relaxation or even deeper relaxation, although the experience may feel similar. During Hypnosis you are always in control and can open your eyes at any time – it is only the movies that suggests that the therapist gains control over your will!

Hypnotherapy uses Hypnosis (a non-analytical state) to apply a model of therapy. Just as other therapeutical approaches have different models, or modalities, so does Hypnotherapy. The two main models used in contemporary practice are: 

Private Subconscious Mind Healing (PSH), the easiest way to understand PSH it is to appreciate that the mind has both a subconscious and conscious aspect. The subconscious can be understood to be related to the feeling, emotional or the child like aspect of self and the conscious mind to the awake, aware or adult aspect. Consciously we may know exactly how we would like to be thinking, feeling, behaving and responding yet struggle to do so because our emotions get in the way! We identify this as SELF SABOTAGE.

PSH is a process, it helps in the facilitation of emotional/feeling release encouraging the mind to override subconscious self sabotage so you can achieve what you consciously want. It is important to know that this is achieved in a gentle and non-intrusive way ie the client has no need to speak back to the therapist during the process and there is no need to analyse the content. Change occurs in the PRIVACY of the mind. Hypnotherapy does not work in isolation and appropriate conversations (counselling) happen throughout sessions as part of the process to help facilitate change. Making change is one thing and ‘holding’ it is another, if we don’t change the way we think then we simply re program what we don’t want. Strategies/homework is given, it is all kept simple and doable (fits on the back of a business card). The best part is that these mind strategies are easy, adaptable and can be integrated into many aspects of everyday living.

This is a holistic approach where the relationship between the mind and the body cannot be overlooked. The ultimate goal of the therapy is to help the client find their own resource to move forward in their lives in the best way possible.

Suggestive Hypnotherapy differs in that its focus is to lay suggestion over the top of an issue to assist in over riding it to evoke change. Often counselling is not a part of this process.

PLEASE NOTE: Psychoanalytical or regressive hypnotherapy is an older model still used by some practitioners. Please note that due to what is termed ‘false memory syndrome’ (an acceptance that memory can be distorted and unreliable over time), this model is not used in this practice for ethical reasons.

Hypnotherapy helps with a wide range of issues such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Weight
  • Insomnia
  • Motivation
  • Addictions
  • Migraine / Headaches
  • Chronic Pain
  • Grief
  • Trauma / PTSD
  • Panic
  • Achieving Goals
  • Life challenges and changes’
  • etc.

At Mind Balance Brenda’s style is integrated with the aim of enabling you to truly make a difference to your life, your world. Creating a space where possibilities can become realities, feel confident that she is a recognised specialist in her field.

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