Mind Balance Welcome to Providing a range of professional services including hypnotherapy and counselling
that utilise industry proven techniques, tailored to address a range of general and mental health concerns.
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Hypnotherapy Through engaging both body and mind professional Hypnotherapy provides a
holistic approach to making those changes that will power alone can simply not do.
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Counselling Counselling sessions that are client focussed and aimed at establishing
and achieving positive outcomes, enabling the client to truly move forward in their lives.
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The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.' - Socrates

At Mind Balance Hypnotherapy & Counselling we are dedicated to helping. The first requirement for change is a true commitment to yourself and in the making of a personal decision to take the next step, a step forward. At Mind Balance, we meet the needs of both private and corporate clients.

If the time feels right for you now to take that ‘next’ step please do not hesitate to make contact to organise a confidential chat for further information.


Brenda Searle
Founder & Operator

Making change easier...
An individual approach...

Professional. Qualified. Experienced.



“Brenda has helped me work through many of life’s challenges…she has always conducted herself in a professional way and provided me a safe and nurturing environment to face my fears (fall apart) and conquer them (put myself back together).”



“Through hypnotherapy and consultation Brenda has helped me to realise my full potential, in the process turning my days from frustration and anxiety to optimism. Brenda’s methods provided me a self help routine that I take everywhere I go, leaving my old ways in the trail behind and providing me optimism in managing life’s challenges moving forward.”

Promoting good mental and physical health

Counselling can help with...

Mental health matters. If its an issue for you then its an issue and every challenge large or small provides opportunity for change. When we are given the opportunity to work through our issues, whatever they may be, the mind can become balanced and it is from this place that we can truly move our life forward. Professional Counselling at Mind Balance focuses on having a good and purposeful conversation to facilitate a space of discovery, understanding, and ultimately integration and change.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis is a natural everyday state that we move in and out of in our daily living. Professional hypnotherapy utilizes this natural state to apply a model of therapy, encouraging release from self sabotage. It is gentle, private, and non intrusive.

A Clinical Hypnotherapist uses the tool of hypnosis to encourage the client to achieve a state of mental, physical and emotional relaxation, however relaxation is not always necessary, nor is it the key. Although hypnotherapy is not technically meditation, guided imagery, relaxation or even deeper relaxation, the experience may feel similar. When in hypnosis, the conscious mind (that busy, critical, analytical part of the mind) takes a rest and the ability to utilize the qualities of the subconscious mind become available.

Your unconscious mind is watchful for your personal wellbeing. You are always in control and can even stop the process at any time. Contrary to popular belief you cannot be forced to think or do anything that is in conflict with your own will.

The experience of hypnotherapy is different for everybody, just as each session may feel different. It is likely that you remember most of what has been said, but at times your mind may wander and drift and you may experience small gaps. Sometimes you may remember very little.

Absolutely, although the style of counselling may change to fit the approach.

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